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Volume : 27  Issue : 1  Year: 2021

Epilepsi: 18 (3)
Volume: 18  Issue: 3 - 2012
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1.Epilepsy and Depression: Clinical Problems and Therapeutic Approaches
Marco Mula
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.42714  Pages 1 - 8

2.Non-epileptic Acute Consciousness Disorders: The Clinical And Prognostic Importance Of Electroencephalography
Nilgün Çınar, Şevki Şahin, Sibel Karşıdağ
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.03522  Pages 9 - 14

3.A Case of Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus Presenting with Triphasic Waves
Ülgen Yalaz Tekan, Zahide Mail Gürkan, Ali Zeynel Abidin Tak, Ayşe Destina Yalçın, Hulki Forta
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.75047  Pages 15 - 20

4.The Increased Frequency of Seizures Caused by Carbamazepine Overdose: A Case Report
Hatice Barut, Dürdane Aksoy, Mehmet Esen, Semiha Kurt, Betül Çevik, Murat Ayan
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.55264  Pages 21 - 24

5.A Case of Dravet Syndrome Who Developed Acute Reversible Encephalopathy That May Have Been Caused by Hyperamonnemia Due to Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Valproate and Stiripentol
Murat Mert Atmaca, Candan Gürses, Fidan Marufoğlu, Nerses Bebek, Betül Baykan, Ayşen Gökyiğit
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.48658  Pages 25 - 29

6.Levetirasetam for the Treatment of Refractor Neonatal Seizures
Esengül Keleş, Arzu Gebeşçe, Hamza yazgan
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.88597  Pages 30 - 32

7.Development of Acute Encephalopathy Due to Vigabatrin Use in A Case of Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia
Elif Yuksel Karatoprak, Sema Saltık
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.48403  Pages 33 - 37

8.A Case of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Who Developed Tonic Status Epilepticus Induced by Intravenous Diazepam
Murat Mert Atmaca, Betül Baykan, Nerses Bebek, Candan Gürses, Ayşen Gökyiğit
doi: 10.5505/epilepsi.2012.63935  Pages 38 - 42

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